• Publicity & external presentation

HSWT University Communication

Where all the threads come together: The University of Applied Sciences Communications Department is the interface between the University of Applied Sciences and the public.

We bring together University of applied sciences, media & the public

We are creatives. We are networkers. We are advisors. We are multipliers. We are brand ambassadors. In the University Communications Department, we take care of the connection between inside and outside, between academia and the public. These people are responsible for different aspects of maintaining the external image of the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

Press & Public Relations

  • Answering press enquiries / finding experts or interview partners
  • Preparing press releases, invitations to the press, dates and topics for the press
  • Online editing of university-wide news
  • Strategic development of the University of applied sciences' public relations work
  • Conception of public relations publications

Social media

  • Promote interaction of students and staff with the University of applied sciences
  • Regular maintenance of the central social media channels of the University of applied sciences
  • Announcement and live reporting of events
  • Developing new formats

Digital media: website & intranet

  • Support, further development and monitoring of the internet presence of the central website of the University of applied sciences
  • Advice on the conception and design of the web presence with regard to usability and search engine optimisation
  • Creation of content for the central website and for the HSWT intranet
  • Training and support of news editors
  • Conception, planning and implementation of web projects

Corporate Design

  • Further development of the visual brand and corporate design of the HSWT
  • Consulting and creation of graphics and logos
  • Design of central print products of the HSWT
  • Provision of information and conference materials
  • Creation of flyers, posters, signage and others
  • Creation of business cards, letter templates and other business equipment

Picture & Video Editing

  • Further development of the HSWT's visual language
  • Photography of people and events of the HSWT
  • Coordination of photo and video shoots
  • Image research
  • Provision of photo and video material
  • Conception and coordination of agencies for the production of films/videos
  • Photo database, image and rights management

Event Management

  • Organisation of central events
  • Organisation of university management events
  • Maintenance of the events calendar & other marketing measures

Student marketing

  • Concept creation / further development for centralised, cross-media student marketing
  • Development and analysis of marketing and image campaigns
  • Online marketing and campaign management (SEA)
  • Maintenance of databases (StudyCheck, University Compass etc.)


Alumni management

  • Strategic further development and evaluation
  • Contact initiation & relationship management
  • Events & graduation
  • Accompaniment & support of decentralised alumni activities


University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
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